Require guaranteed exports at set rates? Our Air Freight Console service to Dubai has you covered.

In recent times, the logistics industry has seen more strain on Air Freight, due to higher demand and space shortages. This has resulted in shipments needing to be booked early in advance, to ensure space is secured. For customers who require more consistent and efficient Air Freight, our Air Console service is a fantastic option for exports to Dubai.

What is the service?

Our Air Freight Console service is specifically for exports to Dubai, for all general types of cargo. The service offers weekly shipments, on a Monday or a Tuesday, from either MAN or LHR to DXB (via AUH).

This service provides one flight per day (Mon or Tues) from Manchester and three flights per day (Mon or Tues) from London Heathrow.

We offer guaranteed block space with set rates of GBP 1.05/k FFW (plus standard ancillary charge).

Why should I use this service?

This service has a set rate, which means that there is no need to acquire a quote beforehand. It GUARANTEES block space on a weekly basis. This saves you planning time: you do not need to enquire about prices, nor enquire about flight details.

As this is a Consol service, offering consistent weekly shipments, you will be able to make smaller shipments more frequently, if required. This will keep your supply chain running in timely manner, because you will not have to wait until you can fill a full load container.

It is known that Air Freight is an expensive shipment method and prices are consistently changing to mirror the status of the industry. This service, however, means you do not have to worry about these ever changing prices, due to the set rates we offer.

When will I need to book this service?

Like any booking, the earlier the better to ensure you keep your supply chain running smoothly.

For flights on a Monday, the cut off for bookings is at 3pm on the Thursday prior.

For flights on a Tuesday, the cut off for bookings is at 3pm on the Friday prior.

Therefore, we require our customers, as usual, to book in time for when they require!

How can I find out more?

To find out more about this service, please do not hesitate to contact our Air Freight team for any enquiries you may have:


You can also visit our International Freight Forwarding service page for more general information.