We are a group in the immensely true feeling, devoted to one another and with an unshakable dedication to providing for our consumers. That is why our experts sustain a collective, high-energy, and beneficial business lifestyle. At Magnus Freight, our experts personify our market values, motivating and satisfying technology, and the terrific results that originate from it.

Our effectiveness is created via uncompromising pay attention to 4 vital columns. They are our guideposts for whatever our experts perform, consisting of what our experts choose and also advertise, just how our experts handle one another, and how our experts decide.


Security is the non-negotiable groundwork of whatever our experts perform. It suggests an appreciation for ourselves, our consumers, plus all the areas our experts offer. Know just how our experts make sure a risk-free and also healthy. And a balanced place of work for our workers along with our Heath & Security Plan.


Leave goes to our primary. Appreciation for variety in every type is critical. We will consistently perform exactly just what our experts mention we will perform at the moment when our experts say we will perform it. When our experts fail, our experts get liability. When a teammate stumbles, our experts expand an aiding finger. We understand we are in a privileged placement therefore, our experts return to the areas where our organizations run and our staff members reside.


“Good” is unsatisfactory. Regardless of what function our experts participate in, our experts increase bench on ourselves and one another daily. Our experts’ collection also struck hard targets. We’re disciplined, action-oriented, responsible, and frequently try to find means to enhance just how our experts run – particularly if it entails innovation. We are additionally into understanding. We are modest sufficient to confess exactly just what our experts are not sure about, and our expert’s treatment is enough to instruct others exactly what our experts perform.


Our experts go the added mile to become the standout companion to our consumers. Our track record and effectiveness originate from looking after a lot approximately their organizations as they perform. Via our connections, technologies, and dedication to perform what is straight. Our experts create a legitimate distinction in their procedures.


Our distinctions create our team more powerful. Making sure every person may take their entire, accurate selves to function and feel listened to and valued is essential to our effectiveness as a group and as a provider.

Working from Magnus Freight may be much more than merely work. Our experts wish to know who you are and what is significant to you. It is consistently greatest when surely what we are aiming to accomplish as an organization suits along with certainly what you wish to accomplish individually in your function.

To focus on the settings our experts are presently aiming to load, feel free to our Occupation Possibilities webpage.

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Sales Consultant (06/03/2022)
Job details

We are looking for a charismatic and skilled sales consultant to approach potential clients and inform them of our products and services. The sales consultant is also responsible for building good relationships with new and existing clients to try and ensure their business in the future.

To be successful as a sales consultant you must have excellent interpersonal skills and experience in sales. A good sales consultant combines charisma with sales knowledge to create a compelling sales pitch.

Job Description 

The specific tasks, duties, and responsibilities that commonly define the logistics sales job description are listed below:

  • Responsible for initiating sales calls to prospective or current clients
  • Prospect for leads and perform heavy cold-calling to build a pipeline of businesses
  • Supervise accounts daily to retain existing relationships
  • Responsible for price and service negotiation with customers and carriers
  • Responsible for creating sales goals to aid in achieving targets
  • Uphold rapport with clients and prospects
  • Nurture new sales leads to secure business
  • Responsible for offering quotes to current and prospective clients
  • Responsible for supervising shipments until delivery completed to guarantee smooth operations and customer satisfaction
  • Carry out research to identify companies not currently doing business with the organization
  • Build relationships and sell to clients through phone or one-on-one.


  • Education: Employers prefer candidates with Bachelor’s degrees to work in a logistics sales position. However, some organizations will accept experience in place of formal education
  • Knowledge: Transportation brokerage/sales experience, marketing multipart logistical solutions to a wide range of clients
  • Possess a strong track record for delivering successful sales experience in personal selling, telephone sales, and customer service
  • Knowledge of Tradeshow, LTL, and less than truckload; FTL – Full Truckload and Air Freight, as well as other supply chain management solutions
  • Computer skills: Solid skills with MS Office software; good experience with sales automation, customer relationship management, and other web-based software programs
  • Interpersonal skills: Sociable personality with knowhow at developing relationships
  • Communication skills: Applicants for a logistics sales role must be analytical and a problem solvers with adequate skill-set to handle stressful situations while putting the needs of the customer first
  • Time management and multitasking skills: It is not out of place to be on the phone while sending emails or instant messages to co-workers at the same time
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    Logistics Manager (06/03/2022)
    Job details

    Job Description

    Our business is looking for a talented and qualified logistics manager to join our team. In this position, you will be responsible for all supply chain management duties including selecting carriers, researching shipping methods, assessing budgets, and organizing storage.

    The successful candidate must demonstrate strong attention to detail to oversee daily operations and logistics employees. In addition to having excellent organizational skills, you should also possess in-depth knowledge of logistics and inventory systems.

    Logistics Manager Responsibilities:

    • Selecting carriers and negotiating contracts and rates.
    • Planning and monitoring inbound and outgoing deliveries.
    • Supervising logistics, warehouse, transportation, and customer services.
    • Organizing warehouse, labeling goods, plot routes, and processing shipments.
    • Responding to any issues or complaints.
    • Researching ideal shipping techniques, routing, and carriers.
    • Working with other departments to incorporate logistics with company procedures and operations.
    • Evaluating budgets and expenditures.
    • Updating and evaluating metrics to assess performance and implement enhancements.
    • Ensuring all operations adhere to laws, guidelines, and ISO requirements.

    Logistics Manager Requirements:

    • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, logistics, supply chain, or relevant field.
    • A minimum of 2 years of experience in a similar role.
    • In-depth knowledge of the consumer goods industry.
    • Solid understanding of logistics and inventory management software.
    • Outstanding analytical, problem-solving, and organizational abilities.
    • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
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      HR manager (06/03/2022)
      Job details

      We are looking for an HR manager to lead our HR team. You will take ownership of all HR matters across the company from recruitment to performance reviews, wage reviews, disciplinary action, and learning and development. To perform well in this role you should have experience as an HR manager or other senior roles in the HR team and knowledge of all legal requirements in this role.

      HR Manager Responsibilities:

      • Consistently recruiting excellent staff.
      • Maintaining a smooth onboarding process.
      • Training, counseling, and coaching our staff.
      • Resolving conflicts through positive and professional mediation.
      • Carrying out necessary administrative duties.
      • Conducting performance and wage reviews.
      • Developing clear policies and ensuring policy awareness.
      • Creating clear and concise reports.
      • Giving helpful and engaging presentations.
      • Maintaining and reporting on workplace health and safety compliance.
      • Handling workplace investigations, disciplinary, and termination procedures.
      • Maintaining employee and workplace privacy.
      • Leading a team of junior human resource managers.

      HR Manager Requirements:

      • Bachelor’s degree in human resources management or equivalent.
      • Experience in human resources or related fields.
      • Ability to build and maintain positive relationships with colleagues.
      • Experience in educating and coaching staff.
      • Experience in conflict resolution, disciplinary processes, and workplace investigations.
      • Experience in following and maintaining workplace privacy.
      • Ability to give presentations.
      • Knowledge of relevant health and safety laws.
      • Experience using computers for a variety of tasks.
      • Competency in Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, and Outlook.
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